Zest is a stable and robust website platform, which features simple and advanced content management options, and full-featured ecommerce solutions. It is designed and built in New Zealand, and powers thousands of Kiwi websites. Its core focus is on increased leads and sales.


  • All-in-one solution - Zest combines both content and ecommerce in one feature-rich package, making it a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs.
  • Built for Kiwis - Zeald was developed to cater to the needs of New Zealand and Australian websites, making it one of New Zealand’s most popular website systems.  It has powered over 2000 websites since its inception.   
  • Updates and debugging are done by the vendor - You won’t have to worry about updates or debugging your website.  We’ve got that covered.  
  • Easy to use - Zest requires lesser learning curve, making it ideal for beginners.  
  • Plugins and extensions developed in-house - While a base Zest website already has all the features you need to run a business or lead generator website, you can extend its functionalities with integrations built in-house by our developers.  The upside of this is that all plugins and extensions are stable, secure and guaranteed to work with your website.  
  • Dedicated customer support - Zeald has a dedicated team of customer support specialists who know the system inside and out, and are available to help you with your concerns from 9 AM to 5 PM Mondays through Fridays.  
  • Readily available in Zeald - Simply because we built the software.  


  • It’s based on a technology that’s more than 20 years old.  (Perl)
  • It doesn’t have a community of developers to get ideas from, or contribute to, for the improvement of the system



  • Customization options, which allow you to fully personalise your website.

Optimisation and Analytics

  • Comes with integrated SEO tools.
  • Powerful reporting
  • Split testing

Third Party Integration

  • Comes with an integration ability to a wide range of popular applications

Content Management

  • Content and web page management tools
  • Unlimited pages across all types of websites
  • Internal search

Customer Management

  • Customer management features, which allow you to collect customer information
  • Monthly subscriptions



  • Secure and reliable hosting services
  • ongoing product improvement


Zest is an ideal e-commerce / lead generating solution for beginners with a small to medium sized business.  


Zest documentation

Zest + Add-Ons


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