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We offer a wide range of website services to change, advise, improve, or optimise your website, including:

And more, please ask us

We charge for all our website services at an hourly rate

We do an estimate on the number of hours required in order to come up and agree to a budget for how long a project will take. We then work to that budget, delivering as many features as possible within that time.  This is a service, not a standard “off the shelf” solution like our other Website Products. Our services are governed by this “gentleman’s agreement”:

You PromiseWe Promise
To pay us for the time we spend every 2 weeks

You agree that we will invoice you every two weeks for all time spent on this project including project management, support, bug fixing or any other work during that period.
Complete honesty and transparency about where your money is being spent

We promise to keep accurate records of where the time is spent and provide you access to these records. We agree to keep you advised of the progress of the project. If we look likely to exceed the agreed budget we will contact you to get your agreement first.
You take responsibility to help us plan a solution that will deliver your business outcomes

This is a service, and unlike our standard products: you are buying time and expertise, not a business outcome. Ultimately the solution outlined here is your very own, that you are paying us to create.

We've done our best to accurately document and budget this specific project based upon our understanding of your requirements. However, we can make no warranty on the business outcomes of your specific project.
The time we invoice you for will be spent with the skill, integrity and care of a competent professional

We will work to the best of our abilities to produce a solution that delivers what you need while respecting your budget.

And more than that: we promise that the time we charge you for will be spent with skill, integrity and care.
You take responsibility to ensure your project comes in under budget

While we will make endeavours to deliver a working system that meets the plan & proposed budget, there are a number of reasons why this may not happen. Due to changes, unforeseen technical problems, misunderstandings, incomplete information, misaligned expectations, there are cases where the budget may be exceeded or planned features will not be delivered. In these situations: if you want us to continue to work on the project, additional budget will be required.

The best way to avoid these problems is to clearly communicate your expectations before agreeing to proceed. Please contact us if you feel there is anything missing.

Provided you are careful not to add too many new changes and additions as the project progresses, most projects come in within budget.
We will do our very best to work within your budget

We will prioritise the work to complete the recommendations that we think will provide you with the best return on investment, within your budget.

If we make a mistake we will discuss it with you to work out the best way forward.

We will never artificially inflate the charges or spend your budget unnecessarily - this is not a “blank cheque”.

If you ever have reason to question whether we are meeting our promises, we want to know, so please contact us as soon as possible.

The Zeald website build process

We strongly believe that our number one goal as your website designer is to assist you as best we can in developing an extremely persuasive website.  Hence, we made this Website Build Process.  


NOTE:  To start the process, the sales handover needs to be completed before we can begin the build process.  These times are ONLY indicative, and don’t cover all contingencies, large, or complex projects, or bespoke / customisation projects.  Contact us fro more accurate estimates for your specific project.

Most delays are caused by:

  • lack of availability for meetings
  • delays providing content
  • delays providing feedback and review

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