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How to upload your video to your website

More than just a nice add-on to your website, videos can help you boost your brand online, and send your message across more effectively.  They allow you to easily demonstrate your service or product’s benefits in a way text or image content cannot.  Hence, placing videos on your website may be a smart business practice.

Benefits of adding videos to your website

  • Quickly get your message across.  Videos are much easier to digest compared to written copy.  They show your message, instead of telling it.  We’re not saying that videos should completely replace text content, but they can make a great accompaniment to your website copy, as they can drive your message even further (thus getting your users more exposed to your value proposition).
  • Provides a captivating and engaging visual experience.  Unlike text content, video content keeps your visitors engaged in two ways:  visually and audibly.  Hence, they’re more likely to stay on your website far longer than when you only have text and image contents.     
  • Videos are more convincing.  With videos, you are able to demonstrate how your product operates, or how your service works, and this can provide your website visitors solid evidence that your products or services can solve a particular problem.  This can ultimately help influence buying decisions (as compared to static text content).
  • Drive traffic to your website (provided that you have applied proper SEO).  Search engines love fresh content, and what fresher way to present your messages and ideas than through custom videos (with targeted keywords, of course).
  • Widens your reach.  When you post your videos to video-sharing websites like Youtube or Vimeo, or sharing your videos to your social networks (and allowing your followers to do the same), you are thereby creating an opportunity for your video (and in effect, your website and your brand) to go viral.

Best places to upload your video

Youtube top the list of the most popular video websites on the Internet, with about 1 billion estimated unique monthly visitors.  As Google owns Youtube, uploading your videos to your Youtube channel helps you maximise the SEO benefits of your videos.

How to upload videos to Youtube

  1. Sign-in to Youtube, using your Google account.
  2. Click the Upload button at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions on uploading a video from your computer.

Take note that there may be a delay in the processing of your video upload, depending on the size and quality of the video you are uploading.

Supported video formats

See this list to know what formats are supported by Youtube.

How to add a video to your website

Now that you already have your video uploaded to Youtube, you can start adding videos to your website.  Follow the instructions linked below to know how you can embed Youtube videos to your website.

 Embedding videos to your Zest website

Embedding videos to your WordPress website

Embedding videos to your Squarespace website

Embedding videos to your Shopify store

Embedding videos to your Magento store









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