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Plugins and third party Applications

You can enhance your website’s functionality through the integration of plugins and applications.  However, it is important to know that Zeald cannot recommend one plugin for any purpose.  It is therefore best to:

  • Talk to the support team or your digital business strategist (DBS) for recommendations on the best plugin or application for a specific function you might want to add to your website.  

It is important we choose the right plugin

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right plugin for your requirements:

  • Security – Some third party plugins can introduce security flaws and holes with your website
  • Performance – Always check if the plugin is compatible with the version of your website’s platform.  Installing a plugin that may not be compatible with your website’s platform may not run, or cause issues to your website’s performance. the number of plugins or extensions installed on your website, too, can affect its load speed.
  • Results and user experience – A badly designed plugin will be difficult for your users to navigate and use. This will frustrate users and reduce conversions.
  • Reliability –  and if there are existing bugs that could otherwise affect how your website works.   
  • Requirements – Of course the plugin you choose should do the job we intend. Sometimes the plugin might require additional customisation to achieve your business unique requirements. Zeald can provide customisations service. You should contact one of our technical support specialists to provide you with an estimate.
  • Ongoing upgrades and support –  One thing we need to know is if the developer still continues to improve the plugin, or provide upgrades and security patches.

There are a number of methods you can use to help you choose the right plugin

  • Research – Read the technical documentation and third party reviews.
  • Investigate the reviews for a plugin or extension. This will tell you about the reliability and performance of the plugin, as well as the vendor and their support (if they have any).
  • Pay for the full version – Free or lite off-the-shelf plugins may have limited capabilities, compared to its paid or full versions.
  • Test – Often the best way to understand just how well a plugin might work on your website is to test it out. This might be setup on your website or a demo website


If you would like us to help you in the selection of a plugin, we are happy to help. Installing the right plugin requires:

  1. planning,
  2. installation, configuration and development
  3. testing
  4. training.

First, we need to understand your requirements

Once we do, we can research which of the many plugins would best suit your requirements.

We will then install, setup and configure the plugin. Sometimes we will require your input to configure the plugin for your unique business requirements

Please contact our friendly support team or your sales consultant to discuss your requirements, and get an estimate for the costs

Generally the planning and installation process requires at least 3 hours  Some plugins have an upfront cost to purchase or a monthly subscription. In this case, you will pay the plugin vendor directly.

Our sales and support specialists will help you choose and setup the plugin for your website.  For assistance in installing a plugin on your website, contact our support team.

What if I already know the plugin I want?

If you know the exact plugin you want and feel confident setting it up as a “DIY” approach, then we can install a plugin for you as a “Single Small Change” (a nominal fee applies, or included for free for subscribers to our Content Maintenance Subscription ).

If you require technical support to help you fix a security issue or customise the plugin, we can provide this service for you. Speak to our support team to request an estimate.

Important things to remember when purchasing a plugin for your website

Should you opt to purchase a plugin for your website, do know that:

  • Payment for the plugin purchase and other applicable fees are non-refundable.  
  • Certain plugins, applications, or third party resources may cease to be available if author no longer provides updates for their products.  In addition, custom work done on a purchased application might also cease to function on updates pushed by third party developers.  Hence, we cannot provide guarantees for third party services and products used in conjunction with the services we provide.  For more information on these conditions, see Section 5 of our Terms of Trade.


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