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User pays After-hours support

Zeald provides a free support service between New Zealand working hours 9-5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Outside these hours Zeald offers a user pays after-hours support service if you have an emergency.

After-hours support costs

A minimum callout fee of $250/hr . The majority of cases are solved within this initial callout cost.

If your concerns require further support time for developer work, further costs may need to be charged. You will be informed of any costs over the base $250 call out fee and you can decide whether you would like to proceed further.

Major technical fault

If your call is to notify us of website outages or other major technical faults we will waiver the call out fee. A major technical fault is defined as your website is no longer visible on the internet for your customers or you cannot accept orders or enquiries (i.e., the main Zeald conversion goal is interrupted or not working).

Automated Notification

Our engineers are automatically notified if the servers that host your website are under unusually high amounts of load or completely down. If your website is down, and it is not a problem with your internet connection, chances are our network engineers have already been notified.

After-hours support process

Please use the number 026113320 or call our free phone number 0508 932 748 ext 9 to speak to the after-hours answer service. If you are calling from outside of New Zealand then the number is +64 026113320.

The operator will get the details of your website issues and use the long list of Zeald contacts they have available to make sure that someone is informed about your emergency.

Please consider….

We not only value our customers but also our engineers. They need their rest and time with their families like anyone else. We would appreciate it if non-urgent requests were sent to our support inbox ( to be dealt with inside working hours, which is (NZ time) Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm excluding public holidays. There is no call out fee for support during normal working hours. Our support team will make sure that they address your issue as a matter of priority on the next business day.


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