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Sometimes the website solution you have doesn’t do everything that you would like it to do


There are 4 possible solutions:


1. You may already have the function

You may already have that function available to you as part of your website solution, but you are just unaware of how to do it. Have a look around on (for WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify), or (for Zest) for details or contact our Support Team.

2. It may be a website issue

Sometimes your site or the core system should function in a certain way but a website issue is preventing it from working correctly.  Contact our Support Team who can log a change request for you so that it goes into the development queue. Normally, a website issue will be fixed within 3 working days, the Support Team will test it, then email you if it has been resolved.

3. You may require an upgrade

The system might actually do what you like, and all you need to do is upgrade your website. Often the solution you are after is provided in another base website’s solution or it might be available as an add-on product on Contact your Consultant or the Support Team to find out.

4. Your website might require add-ons

Sometimes, your business might have a specialised need that is not in high demand by a lot of our customers.  While an extension or plugin may sometimes satisfy this requirement, it may require a few tweaks to make it work the way you want it.  You might like to investigate the costs for us to customise an add-on or plugin for you through our production department.  Fill out the Estimate Request form, then our Technical Analysts will investigate your request, and get back to you with an estimate.


Please make sure you have read and thought about if you actually need a Customisation, as well as the Customisation process and how they are charged.


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