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Mobile Website Solutions

By default, all Zeald websites conform to international website development specifications.  Thus, any Zeald website can be viewed via a mobile device (e.g. an i-phone), using the standard features of that device – which may enable the user to ‘zoom’ in and out of parts of the website pages to enable a more user-friendly web browsing experience.

The difference between ‘mobile website’, ‘responsive design website’, and ‘mobile application’:

A ‘mobile website‘ takes the concept of users browsing your website using mobile devices, and other smaller screen devices one step further via the development of a website specifically targeted at mobile platforms.  Typically a company using this strategy will have a conventional website, and another separate website specifically targeted for mobile devices.  This ‘mobile website’ typically has a much simpler layout (e.g. one column design as opposed to two or three column design), and may not include all the functionality of the main website.  For an example, browse to – this is the facebook website specifically developed to be viewed on mobile devices.

A ‘Mobile Application‘ – or ‘Mobile App’ is a piece of software that you download and install on your mobile device.  Typically this software may only work on certain platforms (e.g. it may work on the i-phone but not on a blackberry), or the software provider may release different versions of this software targeting specific platforms.  A Mobile Application may interact with other applications on your phone such as your contacts, GPS etc.  As an example facebook offer mobile applications for a variety of different phones  – see

Responsive design website’, on the other hand, are designed in a way that it provides optimal viewing, navigation and interaction experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, without having to create a separate mobile version of the website.

Zeald Solution:

If you require a website developed for a specific platform, then the cost will depend on your requirements.  For example do you require a conventional website and a mobile website?  How will you update content on both websites?  Note that a Profile website will be considerably simpler and less costly to develop compared to the cost of targeting a mobile platform for an ecommerce website.  If you want to have a website specifically targeted at mobile devices developed then please provide your functionality requirements to your Zeald e-business consultant or request an estimate online.

Zeald is not a mobile application software developer, if you require development of a mobile app we recommend you consult a specialist mobile software developer.

Third Party Solutions:

We do not currently have any recommendations for Mobile Application Software Developers

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