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Website hosting

Web hosting is the process of storing a website on a web server (computer) to make it accessible via the Internet. This service is usually provided by your ISP or a specialist hosting company. It requires a permanent Internet connection and Web server.

Website hosting

The Zeald hosting architecture has been carefully designed and tested to provide a high level of fault tolerance and availability. Every server function and item of data is replicated across several servers, ensuring the maximum possible level of fault tolerance.

The hosting architecture runs on multiple clusters of servers, currently hosted in various data centres in Auckland, Australia, USA and UK. Each physical server is then divided into a much larger number of virtual machines.

The Zeald hosting architecture provides a number of key benefits:

  • Scalability – New servers can be and are regularly added into this cluster as demand requires.
  • Performance – The system balances load over a number of servers – this means that higher performance can be gained than from one server alone.
  • High availability – A server within the Zeald hosting infrastructure can be removed without interruption to hosting services. The servers within the system are provided with at least one live replica – should a server fail monitoring will automatically detect the failure and fail-over to the replica.
  • Full redundancy of website data and information – Data and website information is mirrored across multiple redundant servers. Website backups occur every 24 hours with a weekly backup stored offsite to maximise data protection.

In addition to the Zeald hosting architecture, servers are located in high security, professional data centres which include the following:

  • Power backup systems including battery backup and generators
  • Multiple, redundant internet connection suppliers to minimise outage risks.
  • Climate control systems to regulate temperature and humidity for maximum performance.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems to minimise fire risk.
  • Highly secure locations that include 24 hour surveillance and monitoring

In addition to this, all our servers are monitored on a 24/7 basis to minimise the extent of a website outage.

Full redundancy of website data and information.

We take backups overnight and store them for 30 days, to protect against accidental edits or other errors.  You can purchase a “backup restore” from our online store.   We also regularly store backups weekly to protect against loss of the datacentre.    However please be aware that according to out terms of trade, backup of their data is a users responsibility and so you should ensure that you keep a copy of any important data.  If required, you can purchase a website backup file, storing this backup in a safe place.  This ensures that organisations can meet any regulatory or internal requirements around data retention or backup.

Optional domain name and email hosting

We provide our clients the option to have their domain name and domain name email address hosted with Zeald. This is completely optional, and you can read more information on the features of our Domain & Email Manager.

Important Note

Web hosting is only available for Zest, WordPress and WooCommerce.


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