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Website Testing Checklist

Why is it important to test your website?

Testing your website before and after it has gone live ensures that your customers or potential clients are guaranteed a good user experience when they visit your website.   When your website is accessible and easy to navigate, you not only ensure that your brand or company gives your current and potential customer base a good impression, but also increase your chance of generating inquiries or conversions.

Pre launch checklist

1.Create a backup of your website

Wordpress Backup
How Squarespace backs up your website
Exporting your Squarespace website for backup
How do I duplicate, backup, or transfer my Shopify store?
How to backup your Zest website
2.Complete an order & process it (Ecom)
Pretend you’re a customer and see if you can complete an order, and all orders are arriving at your admin.

You can use these dummy credit cards for testing purposes:
Test Credit Card Account
3.Complete conversion goals

Try to request a quote, sign-up for a monthly newsletter, become a member, answer a survey, or send a query via your forms.
4.Check if your content is accurate and error-free

1. Check for placeholder images and text (Lorem ipsum).
2. Use a spell-check tool to spot spelling errors.
3. Ensure contact and company details are correct.
4. Check for broken links.

Use the following tools:

Online Spell Checker
Dead Link Checker
5.See if all pages have page titles and meta descriptions set

Ensure all pages have title tags and descriptions set. You can use the ones from your old site. If possible, consider creating a template for large e-commerce sites. Ensure that the key images have relevant alt attributes.

Don’t forget the logo.

6.Check if URL redirects are setup correctly

If you have changed your URL structure, ensure that you have 301 redirects setup to link the old pages to the new pages.

Redirects: What you need to know
7.Check if your products are setup correctly (Ecom)

Do a quick search on your e-commerce site to ensure that there are no products with $0 or 0 inventory.

8.Check your website functions with key browsers

Perform a cross-browser check on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
9.Setup Google Analytics

Make sure you have your Google Analytics account set up on your website.

Get started with Google Analytics
Configuring your Google Analytics
Share your Google Analytics with Zeald
Insert Google Analytics in Zest
Insert Google Analytics in WordPress
Insert Google Analytics in Shopify
Insert Google Analytics in Squarespace
10.Ensure that a website is not indexed in search engines once the site is being made live.

Go to Settings > Reading, then click Discourage search engines from indexing this site
11. Check if you have an SSL certificate setup on your website.

If you don't have an SSL certificate setup yet, refer to this help file Setup an SSL Certificate to learn how you can purchase one.

What is an SSL Certificate?

After launch checklist

1.Check if your domain name has been set correctly

Make sure that your www. is set up as the primary domain, and that all secondary domains are pointing.

2.Setup webmaster tools and submit updated sitemap

Submitting your sitemap lets major search engines easily index your website.

What are Sitemaps?
3.URL redirects are setup correctly

Make sure that your page redirects are working. To test, do a Google search of your website, and check the top pages. Ensure that it is not redirected to a 404 or 301 error page.

Redirects: What you need to know
4.Check load speed

Are your website’s key pages taking more than 3 seconds to load?
Use this tool to check your website’s load speed:

GTMetrix Site Speed Analyzer
5.Check social share buttons

If you have a Like and Share button, it must be able to share your post to the user’s social media account. If you have a Like Us button, the Likes should reflect on your social media page.

Adding social media widgets to:

Your Zest website
Your WordPress Menu
Your Shopify website
Your Squarespace website using blocks
6.Complete an order & process it (Ecom)

Try to process another order from your live site and make sure all orders are arriving at your admin page.
You can use these dummy credit cards for testing purposes:

Test Credit Card Account
7.Check that your order pages are secure (Ecom)

Check if your order pages have https: on its URL, and that you see a lock appear on the address bar. If you right click on the lock, you should see your name and it should state that it has been verified and validated by a Secure Certificate Authority

Get your very own SSL certificate
8.Check that the 404 page not found page is useful

Creating a 404 page for Zest
Creating a 404 page for WordPress
Creating a 404 page for Shopify
Creating a 404 page for Squarespace


Refinement checklist

Are your back-end log-in areas secure?

Make sure that your access to your website’s backend or dashboard is secure.

Check if your website’s admin is:

  • Requesting log-in details when you access the dashboard
  • secured with a unique alphanumeric password with special characters (if allowed).  


Managing Admin Users

Change Admin Password


Ultimate guide to WordPress security

Hardening your WordPress site


Should you worry about security


Logging into your site

Changing your password


Start tracking your website’s success with Google Analytics

See how much traffic and engagement you’re getting from your visitors.

Get started with Google Analytics

Configuring your Google Analytics


Make sure your website’s content is unique

Use a plagiarism tool to ensure that your website content is unique and original.

Plagiarism Checker


Save on hosting costs – Cancel your old website

Do this at least a month later.  

Are your metadata and page titles displaying correctly on search engines?

Your pages must display the correct title tags and meta descriptions in Search Engine Page Results.

Check your website’s metatags with this tool:

Meta Tag Analyzer


Test your website’s features and navigation

Test you menus, internal search, product categories. Are they working as expected?

Check for any broken links

Make sure that the links redirect to the correct pages, and that these pages are already live.

Use a dead link checker tool:

Dead link checker


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