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Testing your SSL Certificate

Once you have purchased and set up your SSL certificate, the next thing you need to do is to test it out.  Ensuring that your SSL certificate is running as it should not only protects your website from vulnerability but also keeps your clients’ confidence in your business intact.  While error messages don’t necessarily indicate that your SSL certificate was not set up properly, this can surely scare your customers away.

Hence, it’s best to test it out first and see if there are any issues with your SSL certificates first before your clients do.

How to test your website’s SSL certificates

1. Go to the website on which the SSL certificate is set up.

2. Check the following pages of your website.- Homepage- Category Pages

  • Product Pages
  • Cart Pages
  • Checkout Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Submit the Contact Form

3. When checking, add https:// before the domain name.



If the domain name shows a green padlock with the word Secure, your SSL is working.

If the domain name shows a red warning “Not Secure” message, the SSL is not working.



If the domain name shows a secure URL but there is an “info” (i) icon, this means the SSL is working, but some contents on the page cannot be encrypted.  These elements on your page, therefore, need to be fixed.

If you want the mixed contents on your website encrypted, let our support team know.

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