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Pointing a domain to your Zeald WordPress website

Pointing a domain to your Zeald WordPress website is one of the final steps before it goes live. Simply put, it’s the process of connecting your domain name to your web host’s server so it becomes available to the Internet.  The procedure will involve making a few changes to your domain name hosting account’s DNS settings.

NOTE:  Pointing a domain name won’t change any email settings on your computer’s email client.

1. Log in to your domain name host and go to the DNS settings page.

NOTE:  If you don’t have access to your registrar’s log-in, or cannot find the DNS settings, page, contact your registrar’s support directly.  They will be able to help you out.

2. Setup a CNAME record for your website address.  You will need to contact your Relationship manager so that we can provide you with a specific CNAME record to your website.

NOTE:  If your domain name is hosted by, skip this step.  Your CNAME record is done for you automatically.

3. Create an A Record for your bare domain (e.g. “”) and point the domain to

Nameserver changes may take at least 48 hours to update.  If your new domain isn’t taking you to your website after 2-3 days, check the settings to ensure that you have set up the correct CNAME and A records.

Common mistakes to avoid

Sometimes, the web interface of most registrars is extremely confusing;  People will often make mistakes when making the above changes.  Here are a few tips to avoid committing errors when changing your DNS settings:

  1. Please do not touch any other setting for your name servers.  If you mishandle this area, it can cause serious problems with your website and emails.  This might even lead to a significant website downtime!
  2. Don’t just set up a web redirect.  This won’t work, and might even show up as a 404 error page.
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