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Zeald domain name hosting costs

  • Each domain incurs a registration/renewal fee of $50+GST per year – this applies to both NZ and global domains.
  • Domain name hosting is free (ie. the DNS hosting fee is waived for each domain name)
  • Forwarding Email address (ie forwarding your business email to an external email address such as or is Free and unlimited
  • Each email address with a mailbox (storing and accessing your domain name email from our servers) is $10+GST per year per email address
Domain name Registrations & Renewals
Learn about domain name registration
$50+GST per year + GST (paid in advance & you can choose the number of years that you would like to register your domain name for)
Domain name hosting

Learn about domain name hosting
Email address

What is an email mailbox and a forwarding email?
Unlimited free email forwarding.

Mailboxes cost $10+GST per year per email address (Paid for in advance for the length of time the domain name is registered for)

Top features

Domain and email manager allows you to:

  1. register new and transfer existing domain names yourself
  2. setup multiple forwarding email addresses
  3. purchase new Zeald mailboxes yourself
  4. set your own autoreply for any of your Zeald mailboxes
  5. setup your own web redirects
  6. edit your own DNS settings
  7. renew your domain name yourself


Zeald offers domain name registration and hosting services as a convenience to our clients.  In order to make this service as easy and simple as possible, we have significantly pared our domain name and email hosting down.  It is not intended to support as many features as the service offered by other hosting companies.

Our domain and email hosting has the following limitations:

  • We don’t provide built-in spam or virus filtering.  You will need to have antivirus installed on your computer.
  • We also do not provide you with an outgoing server – please check with your internet service provider whether they can give you an smtp to use prior to setting up emails within our domain portal.
  • Our mailbox is $10/year + GST on top of the $50/year for domain name hosting
  • Each mailbox only provides up to 100 megabytes of email storage.  You may need to purchase additional space if required.
  • We cannot provide you with assistance or support using external Mail Clients such as Gmail or Outlook.  Furthermore, we cannot assist you in setting up emails on your mobile devices.  You will need to seek advice from a competent IT person to manage this, or call your email client’s support hotline for assistance.

If you would like more advanced features for your email hosting, we strongly recommend you forward your emails to a specialist email provider.  Please visit our page on forwarding emails using Domain & Email Manager.



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