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New website optimisation checklist

This is a list of tasks you should complete as soon as your new website goes live.

1. Redirect old website links to new web pages

If you have upgraded your website from an existing website that was already listed on the search engines, then this is an important task that you need to complete as a matter of priority (if you haven’t already).  It is very important that you take the time now to configure your new website so that the search engines will know that each of the old pages from your old website have been permanently replaced with new pages from the new website.

Learn more about redirects

2. Submit your sitemap to search engines

Follow our step by step guide to submit your sitemap to Google. Depending on your chosen platform, you can have an automated sitemap for Google, which allows you to set the priority of each page on your website. You can also get us to do it for you.

Once you have completed these initial steps, you should look at our Website improvement checklist

Dont Forget. If you would like further help improving your website, we offer a number of products and services designed to assist you in this area.  All the different options can be reviewed by browsing our Online store

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