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Loading your items to your Ecommerce Website

Now that you have your site setup, it’s time to load your items to your e-commerce site.  But first, a few things before you start loading your items:

  1. Prepare your images.  Pre-formatting your images before uploading to your website’s database ensures that the image files are not only high quality, but also takes little to no time to load on your website. Ideally, images must be less than 500 kilobytes for faster loading and processing.  Use this guide to format your images accordingly.
  2. Write awesome product descriptions.  If you haven’t yet, it’s time you do.  But don’t just write product descriptions that simply describe your products.  Write product descriptions that actually sell your products!  With that said, make sure they’re as accurate as possible.  Customers can smell hype a mile away.
  3. A spreadsheet for your items (especially if you have more than 50 items on sale).  This spreadsheet should include all crucial information about your products including SKU’s, product variants, links to the product images and product descriptions.  Depending on the platform you are using for your website, you may be required to layout your spreadsheet in a specific format.

There are two ways you can get your products loaded onto your website:

Have one of our website administrators assist you

Our website administrators can help you get your products uploaded to your website as efficiently and professionally as possible.  Just let us know your requirements and we’ll give you an estimate.

Uploading the content by yourself

If you would like to do the content loading yourself, do know that different platforms will have different requirements and processes.

Simple product upload

If your products don’t have variants, uploading them would be as easy as pie.  Simple product uploads are pretty straightforward most of the time, regardless of platform.




Managing product categories

If you have a lot of products to offer, organising them by categories can make it easy for your customers to look for and view your products, while at the same time, minimising loading time.




Uploading product images

A product page is almost never complete without a product image.  It’s what users see first when they land on your product page.  Product photos, too, effectively communicate the details of your products to your clients the way your product description cannot. But the quality of your images can make or break your chances of making a sale, so make sure that it’s high quality and if possible, provides your customers alternate views of your product.

Preparing images for your website

Adding and managing product images on your Zest ecommerce site

Adding and managing product images on your Woocommerce site

Adding and managing product images on your Shopify Site

Managing product variables

Your website’s product variant feature allows you to offer different variations of your products.  Depending on the platform you are using, you may have total control over all aspects of your product variants, including price for each variant, stocks, images, and a whole lot more.  Variants are often associated with garments that may come in different sizes and colors.

Setting up options for an item



Managing related products, upsells and cross-sells

Boost sales and encourage your customers to make the most out of your products and services through “suggesting” related products and services, or offering cross-sells and upsells.

Find out how you can increase revenues with related products, cross-sells and upsells.

Digital and downloadable products

Make a profit out of selling digital goods and services.  The best thing about downloadables is that you only need to create them once and then sell them again and again.  You won’t even have to worry about shipping and stock control.

Depending on the platform you are using, the ability to sell downloadable products may be available by default or as an add-on to your website.


This feature is only available as an add-on.

If you have purchased this add-on, read the instructions on how to set up digital or downloadable products here.


Digital / Downloadable Product Handling


Sell services or digital products

Bulk product import / export


Bulk import / export is especially helpful when:

  • you have more than 50 items on your website
  • you have switched from one ecommerce platform to another
  •  you would like to make changes to your inventory or product, without having to manually go over each product

Depending on the platform you are using, this feature may be available by default or as an add-on.


Product import and export is available for Zest Ecommerce + sites and as a compatible add-on to Zest Ecommerce sites.

Product Import / Export 

If you already have this feature on your ecommerce site, follow the instructions here to learn how to import or export your product spreadsheet here:

Product import / export using excel spreadsheet


The bulk product import and export feature is only available as a plug-in add-on for Woocommerce sites.  If you would like to add this feature to your website, contact our support team.




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