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Payment Express PXPay 2.0 is now supported

PXPay 2.0 is the latest upgrade for the Payment Express Hosted Payment Solution.  This Hosted Payment Page (HPP) Solution promises more security, allowing customers to process credit card orders without exposing sensitive data to merchants.

How this works

With the new PXPay upgrade, card holders can enter their card details into a page hosted by Payment Express, rather than the merchants’ own website.  One great advantage to this is that merchants won’t be able to see the credit card information at any point of the payment process.  At a PCI DSS standpoint, this can be very beneficial as the scope of PCI DSS requirements will likely be reduced.

If you would like to know more about the PxPay 2.0 and how it works in full detail, see this documentation.

Updating your PxPay account to PxPay 2.0

If you would like to update your account on DPS to PxPay 2.0, contact DPS and ask for assistance.  If your website’s PxPay keys need updating, contact our support team.

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