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Obtaining your domain’s authorisation code

All domain names have a unique authorisation code, which allows registrants to move their domains between domain name registrars. In New Zealand, this is called the UDAI code, or Unique Domain Authentication Identifier.

If you have registered your domain with Zeald, and would like to transfer to another domain name registrar, follow the steps below to find your domain’s UDAI code:

1. Log in to


NOTE:  If you cannot access your account, or have forgotten your password, contact our support team.

2. On the Registration Information section of your hompage, click on Transfer to another webhost.


3. Click Transfer away.


Clicking Transfer away generates and sends out your domain’s UDAI number to your email.

NOTE:  The generated UDAI code is only valid for 30 days.

Transferring your domain name hosting to Zeald

If your domain name is currently hosted by a third party registrant, and you would like to transfer it ot Zeald’s domain name hosting, you will need to provide us with information, depending on what type of domain it is and where it is hosted.  Do note though that Zeald does not specialise in domain name hosting.  This service is only provided to our clients for convenience.

How to transfer your domain name hosting to Zeald


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