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Transferring your domain name hosting to Zeald

If you choose to transfer your domain name from an external provider to Zeald, you will need to provide us with information, depending on what type of domain it is and where it is hosted.

When do you transfer or register to another domain name hosting?

If pointing your domain name to Zeald doesn’t work because of the following reasons:

  • You are experiencing problems or had issues with your existing domain name host
  • Your current host does not help you point your website

You may transfer your domain name to Zeald.  Do note, though, that Zeald does not specialise in domain name hosting.  We only provide such services to our clients for convenience.

What happens when you transfer your domain name hosting to Zeald?

When you switch or register a domain from an external provider to Zeald, you may be required to make some changes on your email settings on the email client you are using.  It may take up to 48 hours for the transfer to fully take effect.

How is transferring your domain different with pointing a domain?

While there’s a confusion between both terms, they’re both actually different.  Pointing a domain only involves connecting your domain name to a web host server.  Transferring a domain, on the other hand, requires you to switch to a different domain name hosting.  This will then involve making changes on your email settings.

How do I transfer my domain name hosting to Zeald?

IMPORTANT:  To be able to transfer an international domain name to Zeald, you need to contact the current registrar of this domain.  Ask them to unlock this domain, and provide you with an EPP / authorisation code and the registrant email address for the domain (use the exact words:  They should know what they mean).


1. Simply go to

2. Enter your desired domain name in the text box and click “Next”.

NOTE:  Do not include the “www”.


3. Follow the prompts: we will automatically guide you through the process of transferring or registering your domain name (there’s too many steps to show here, but trust me, they aren’t too complicated)

4. At the end of the process, you’ll now be asked to pay by credit card:

5. Pay, and your domain will be registered (or transferred) immediately (in the case of a .com/.net/.org domain name, however you still need to click the links in the confirmation emails that get sent to you, unfortunately there’s no way around having to do that).


DNS Caching and delays in domain transfers

Please Note: In general, transferring a domain name can take 48 hours or more for the transfer to fully take effect. During this time some people will see your old website, and some your new website. Similarly mail will still be delivered to both your old email accounts and your new ones (the actual time for this transition depends on the settings used by whoever is currently hosting the domain)

This is because the DNS system uses a caching system – when someone’s ISP asks the domain server “where is” the DNS server responds “It is at, and this response is valid for 48 hours”.  The ISP will then not look the domain up again for another 48 hours – if during this time information about the domain changes customers of that ISP will not see those changes until that time expires.  This helps to make the internet a great deal faster since ISPs only need to lookup domains once every 48 hours rather than every time you make a request.

The actual caching time (the “TTL” – time to live) of the domain name is set by whoever is currently hosting the domain.  It is typically 24 or 48 hours, although can be as long or short as the domain name host wants. You may be able to contact them in advance and ask them to reduce this number.

Transferring .nz domains

Domain names ending in .nz are managed by the New Zealand Registar. In order to transfer a .nz domain name we require the following information:

  1. A UDAI number. A UDAI is a special key for the domain name that allows a hosting company like zeald to make changes to a domain name on your behalf : it is a random sequence of numbers and letters, eg “JdwhRDRp”. You can request a UDAI from your current hosting provider. Note that if you have an old UDAI that has already been used, it may not still be valid!
  2. What email addresses do you want setup for this domain? If you have your own email server, you will need to contact us so we can ensure it keeps working after the transfer. With Zeald, you can have unlimited email forwarding (free), or purchase each mailbox for your email address for $10/year +GST (storing and accessing your domain name email from our servers)
  3. Advanced – If you have other subdomains setup on this domain, tell us so we can set them up on the new domain (if in doubt, you probably don’t have any subdomains)

Transferring domains

For domains ending in .au, you will need to enter a domain password as part of the below process. Click here to obtain your domain password. Then you can run through the steps as above.

Transferring .com, .org, .net and other international domains

Your domain will need to be unlocked by the domain registrar, and you will need an EPP code. Go to and enter your domain name, as per the above instructions, to get started.

Transferring domains

For domains ending in .uk:

  1. Contact your current registrar and ask them to “retag the domain name to TWOPLUMS-AU
  2. Contact our support team and tell them you have done the first 2 steps. Our support team needs to complete your transfer.
    Phone 0508 932 748


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