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When to point and when to transfer a domain name

If you already have a domain name (website address), you will need to decide whether to keep your domain name with your existing host (eg. Freeparking) and point it to your Zeald website, or transfer your domain name hosting to Zeald.

What pointing a domain means

In the simplest terms, pointing a domain means connecting your domain name to your web host’s server.   Think of your website as your business, your web host’s server as the building where your website operates, and your domain name as your signage.  When you’re ready to launch your business (That is, when you’re ready to go live with your website), the process of pointing a domain is akin to putting the signage on your business.

Pointing your domain is one of the last steps you need to take before your website goes live.

Pointing a domain vs. Transferring a domain

While both are often used interchangeably, pointing a domain is different from transferring a domain.

When you say pointing a domain, you are merely connecting your domain name to a web host server (where your site files are located).  That means, your domain name is still hosted by the same provider.  Pointing a domain allows you to:

  • Take control of your domain name and emails with the external provider.
  • Keep your email settings as is on your email client.

You will either need to use the web interface provided by your external provider, or contact the domain name hosting provider to instruct them on how to make changes on your website’s DNS settings.

When you say transferring your domain, you are switching to a different domain name hosting.  You will then be required to change your email settings on your Email Client on your computer.

Factors to help you decide…

If you already have a domain name registered with an external host such as Freeparking, it may be easier for you to simply point your domain name to Zeald.

Reasons for choosing to point your domain name

  • Easier to point – Transferring a domain name can be a tedious and confusing task. It requires you to obtain information for your domain name such as an UDAI number/EPP code.
  • Quick – It is faster to get your domain name pointed than to transfer it.
  • Limited disruption to your business – Your domain name emails (eg. are associated with your domain name, and if you choose to transfer your domain name, your emails will be unavailable/disrupted during the transfer and you risk losing some emails.
  • Hassle and cost – If you have transferred your domain name, the settings associated with your domain name emails will change. This requires you (or an IT specialist) to setup/update your settings on your Email Client such as Outlook, mobile phone or anywhere you and your colleagues have setup your email address. If you point your domain name, you will not have to change or update any settings for your emails on your Email Client!
  • Non .nz domains –  Zeald can only host NZ (eg., Australian (eg. and global domains (such as .com, .org, .net).  We cannot host UK domains (

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When to transfer your domain name to Zeald

If you are experiencing problems or had issues with your existing domain name host, you may wish to transfer your domain name to Zeald. If your current host does not help you point your website, it may be easier and safer for you to transfer your domain name to Zeald.  However, please note that Zeald is not a specialised domain hosting company, and we provide domain hosting services as a convenience to our clients.

Please read the features, limitations, prices of Zeald’s Domain & Email hosting services


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