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Alternative email hosting options

We provide domain and email hosting to our clients as a convenience as it’s often nice to have everything website-related all under one roof, and billed by one company.

As your business grows you may require a faster email hosting service with more storage and features, such as those offered by Google and Microsoft.

Note: These suggestions are for those clients who already have email hosting with Zeald.
These changes are quite technical so we recommend you employ the services of an IT company to facilitate this for you.  Alternatively, our Professional Services team can help set this up for you at our standard Results Consulting rate.

Google Apps

  1. You will first need to sign up for a Google Apps account.
  2. Domain verification – you will need to verify to Google that this is your website. Ask you IT professional to help you with this – there are several ways you can do it as shown here. One way is by creating a TXT record in the Domain Manager, similar to the screenshot below:
    txt records
  3. Ask your IT professional to login to the Zeald Domain & Email Manager, and update the MX records, according to the Google MX record values. See information on how to edit this here.
    He re is what the MX records should look like:mx records

You may need to wait a day for this to completely update and switch to the Google mail servers. The time will depend on the TTL value specified in the DNS settings.
If you have trouble with this, check out Google’s troubleshooting page.

Microsoft Office 365

  1. Sign up for an Office 365 business plan
  2. You will need to add a record to verify that you own the domain – ask your IT professional to add a TXT record in the Zeald Domain & Email Manager. More information here.
  3. Your IT professional will then have to add new MX records in the Zeald Domain & Email Manager, according to the details in your Office 365 account. More information on this here.

You will need to contact Microsoft Support, if you have any trouble with this.

These are just two examples which we think will work well – there are other options out there which you may wish to look into. Google and Microsoft are there to help if you have trouble with their systems, and if you need specific help with Zeald’s Domain & Email Manager, please email or call us on 0508 WEBSITE.

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